BSC Address

Sunday, January 01, 2006


2005 was the most prolific and in many ways succcessful
year in the BSC's history. We staged six shows including
four world premieres and one British premiere. Two of our
shows went to Malta and three shows are currently playing
as I write: they will be joined by a fourth show in
mid-January. The biggest show currently running is THE
JUNGLE BOOK and tomorrow night we're taking the cast for
their New Year dinner.

I never expected THE JUNGLE BOOK to do as well as it has,
but it is without doubt the most popular show we've ever
staged. There is something very powerful about this story
which captivates the audience in a unique way. Watching a
young boy go through so much, learning so much and finding
a way through his difficulties, succeeds in drawing you
into an adventure of the soul: combined with BB Cooper's
new music and Barb Jungr's lyrics, it's also an adventure
of the heart.

The problem now is to start thinking about what we're
going to do in 2007. I've been mulling this for some time
and already have one idea. When I have five I will begin
to plan!