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Sunday, March 12, 2006


As you can see from the date of the entries below, I'm not
very good at keeping up to date with diaries! I stopped
writing my own personal diary in 1992 and clearly I
haven't picked up the habit again easily! My March
resolution will be 'try harder'!

It looks like I've achieved my aim to map out the future
of the company and we have now agreed what we are
producing for the next two years. There's a wonderful
feeling about knowing what is coming upon you, although at
the same time I resent the lack of immediacy that
long-term planning brings into your life. Thinking ahead
reduces the chance of surprises and I like surprises, so
long as they come in innocent, easy to handle, thoroughly
enjoyable packages!

If you've looked at the Welcome page you'll know what
we're doing this year. I'm delighted that for the first
time ever we'll have five different productions appearing
in Birmingham - HORRIBLE HISTORIES just sold-out at the
Alexandra Theatre and they are soon to host a return visit
of THE JUNGLE BOOK. This autumn we are staging PROOF and
if any of you are desperate to see a new, gripping and
intelligent play, you should make sure you get to see
PROOF when it comes to The Old Rep. They don't come much

If you are an actor reading this blog, look out for
casting reports soon in SBS, PCR etc. We have three shows
to cast in the next two months: you can always send us an
SAE and you'll receive the details as soon as they are

And in the meantime, I'll try and keep to the


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