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Sunday, July 02, 2006

How to deal with hot weather...

...Go on tour! I have realised that touring in the summer has to be the best time to travel the country. You get to visit some of Englands finest towns when they are at their best. I have to confess that walking around the Roman walls in Colchester beats an afternoon in Regent Street hands down. Suddenly hot weather isn't about sticky trains and stiffling corridors - it's cool breezes on a river in Canterbury! You have to suffer a little bit on stage, especially when you're playing Henry VIII in full regalia, but it's worth it to wander through the stage door into England's garden of Eden!

However, I will have to endure London at it's hottest tomorrow, but for a good cause. I've been invited to the premiere of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN in Leicester Square. Presumably pirates put on a proper party?!


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