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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Kevin Spacey

Whatever MOON FOR THE MISBEGOTTEN was like when it opened, it doesn’t feel like it’s worn well. It took a while to work out what might have happened, but the principal relationships seem wrong. There’s an over-riding familiarity between everyone and hence no tension, no mystery, no tentativeness, no fear – there are a group of people who know each other well having a tumultuous chat.

And why Eve Best in a role that seems to cry out for a less attractive actress? So often plays, TV and film cast the beautiful. Here for once is a play which demands an actress who is at least extremely plain, if not "ugly" as she is repeatedly characterised in the play. And they choose Eve Best? What a missed opportunity.

I'd love to see Mr Spacey really deliver.

DADDY COOL on the other hand has worn well! (Yes, I love the comparison too!). It’s still a fun night out with a spectacular West End debut from Yasmin Kadi in the chorus. And apart from Javine (what is she doing??) everyone is playing it with integrity and passion, two qualities which are missing from so many shows these days.

Not from Laura Kersey who is playing the lead in KENSUKE'S KINGDOM while David is off. Heart and soul on display in all its glory!


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