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Thursday, January 11, 2007


There are some shows I book with dread and this was top of the list. Five star reviews and hyped to the gunwales. Which meant I entered the theatre with extreme trepidation and, like John Gabriel, waited for the iron fist of disappointment to grip my heart.

Only something very strange happened. It was extremely goood! From the moment it started to the final black out. The story, the adaptation, the integrity of the acting, the music, the set, the costumes, the spirit of the production. There couldn't be a better showcase for public subsidy - every penny was spent to great effect - not one minute of drama wasted. I haven't stood up for show since DEATH OF A SALESMAN. There's nothing better for the soul, nothing more refreshing, exciting, invigorating, than a good night of total theatre.

Meanwhile back in Birmingham (!), DANNY got a good review in The Times - great to see the entire team rewarded with a big thumbs up from News International. And there will be a happy trailer for the show available to watch on the DANNY page very soon. The boys at seeitfirst have done it again!


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