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Friday, February 09, 2007

Brave people

All was not lost! Three hundred children braved cold air and slight drizzle today to make it to The Old Rep for the two shows. How they did it, I'll never know. Thank goodness all the schools in Birmingham were closed again today so that no other children were put at such tremendous risk.

Listening to the Birmingham councillor who closed all the schools was an exercise in frustration management. What would he have done if it had snowed for three weeks? And where was his answer to the fact that all the school children wouldn't be studying in school or quietly sitting at home - they will be outside throwing snowballs at each other!

The world really has gone mad.


At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol! the world has gone mad!

And it was such a small amount of snow!

i now live in fear of a blizzard as I suspect many people will just sit at home and starve to death because they cant go out side due to the spattering of light flakes of icy water, that apparently is a fate worse than death!

i think we should celebrate our weather! we have such a great variety! not all countries have four seasons as dramatic as ours! we get lovely summers, colourful autumns, refreshing spring, and chilly snugly winters!

Although these are slowly merging into each other, with warmer winters, earlier spring (daffodils are already sprouting!), milder autumns! - In fact perhaps that’s the problem, our weather is starting to become so mild we cant complain about it much anymore, hence all the moaning about a spattering of snow! How we English enjoy a fuss!

Chris :)


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