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Sunday, February 04, 2007


Rome wasn't built in a day! I think it took five weeks!

We've only had four weeks of rehearsal to recreate the Roman Empire for HORRIBLE HISTORIES so everyone has had to work that little bit harder than the early Romans!

HH opened this week at Tunbridge Wells. When something has been so successful, it's a hard task to repeat the exercise. The Tudors and Victorians were such a success last year that the task of starting again with Egyptians and Romans was always going to be daunting.

And yet what has been achieved is pretty remarkable. One could even say that the second half of Romans could be the best second half of the series so far. It's an extraordinary achievement for the creative team behind it.

Those of you who get in early should let us know what you think. It was astonishing to see how many people in the audience this week had seen the first two productions - almost half of those I spoke to had seen the earlier shows. It makes the task that much harder, but that much more rewarding, as it proves that theatre can capture imaginations and bring them back into the theatre hungry for more. Time will tell if we have managed to pull off a second coup.


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