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Thursday, February 08, 2007


It's taken a while, but finally the snow caught up with us.

For the first time in our fifteen year history we had no audiences for both performances of DANNY THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD at The Old Rep Theatre as schools were closed throughout the West Midlands.

One wonders what has happened to this country: it was announced this afternoon that the schools in Birmingham would also be closed tomorrow. For a company like BSC it is pretty devastating. With no public funding to support us, losing four sold out performances is a major blow. Some children with parents are trying to come tomorrow but effectively four performances have been lost because the local councils are too scared to allow their schools to open in winter weather. It's shamefull.

If a foreign country wants to terrorise us in the future, they won't need anthrax or bird flu or nuclear weapons. If they can just make it snow for five days, they'll have us on our knees.


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