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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The weirdest post I've ever made

This is quite certainly the weirdest post I’ve ever made, but it seems worth expressing.

For some reason, unknown to me, I have secured the reputation of a man who has sought and successfully seduced countless women who have crossed my 41 year path. I have not the faintest idea where this reputation comes from, but it’s fair to say I have been accosted with this accusation for some years.

So for the record I decided to work it out (and here comes the weird bit). I have slept with twenty-one women. In forty-one years.

The interesting aspect of this exercise was discovering that I remain friends, indeed some of my very best friends, with sixteen of these women. Of the five women I am no longer in contact with, one lives in Romania and one has very sadly died.

This is not, I suggest, the record of a man intent on casual encounters as he journeys through his life.

So the question arises: where does this reputation come from? What makes people think my behaviour is so radically different from the truth? I have no idea. Life is full of these marvellous mysteries.


At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least you can remember all their
I wonder who your next victim is going to be?
Not me, because I'm spoken for unfortunately.
I am being censorored at the mo.
But you do appear to be very talented, compliment.
I do have quite a dry sense of humour, so I'll behave myself today.
Blame it on the rain yeah yeah! ;-)

At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My my Mr Foster,
Twenty-one women and counting.21 women!So roughly on average what's that? a year,depending on when you started.You're right, I can't possibly begin to imagine where this reputation comes from.
See you tonight Casonova.
9.41 pm don't be late!!!

At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


21 women? that really isn't a bad number... however... perhaps the man doth protest too much!!

- perhaps tis really 210? who knows!

'Never trust a man who doesn't blush!' - although your post suggests you clearly do so i trust you.

of course i am assuming you didn't sleep with 21 women all at once! in some giant explosive orgy... then i could understand the reputation, even if it was just a one off.

Chris XD

At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, but how many men...?

At 12:55 PM, Blogger Neal Foster said...

Typical! This had to be post that got the most comment!

At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of women you've slept with, I really miss tooling around Los Angeles with that fantastic woman you introduced me to. I miss her very much, actually. And you, of course.... *sigh*


At 6:27 PM, Blogger Neal Foster said...

Jessica, Jessica - where have you been! And when will I see you again?! And when am I going to get your news????!!

I think that must have been Naomie. Have you seen her latest in PIRATES 2? She's coming back to do publicity in LA for PIRATES 3 so drop me a line and I'll pass it on!


At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love the pirates movies... i want to be pirate. :(

At 8:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Schmoz, I have never done the business with a woman, just like I promised.


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