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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Will Iago be one of my favourite roles when I look back? I'm not sure. There is something very strange about sitting on the side of the stage before curtain up, working yourself into a malevolent frame of mind. And just how much can you enjoy destroying people's lives?

You couldn't have a more challenging, all-consuming role and yet the dark heart of this man is not an attractive place to go. When I compare it to John in OLEANNA, Fox in SPEED-THE-PLOW, Tom in THE GLASS MENAGERIE, Hastings in SHE STOOPS, Dr Ratner in THE DICE HOUSE, Hal in PROOF, Danforth in THE's strange to say but I'm not sure Iago will be in my top ten.

But whatever else, there hasn't been a single performance where I haven't relished every second on stage!


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