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Monday, December 24, 2007


Well what a year it has been! I had to miss the trip to Dubai with KENSUKE'S KINGDOM in order to join the cast of PROOF in the West End (Sally Oliver has gone on to take a leading role in 'Emmerdale' - not a bad debut year for her!). Our tour of HORRIBLE HISTORIES had a wonderfully successful year with two new productions, The Ruthless Romans and The Awful Egyptians. DANNY THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD journeyed from its first year into its second year of touring with a great new cast, now in London for Christmas. OTHELLO did amazingly well in Birmingham and then London, just before the Donmar got their act together! And now TREASURE ISLAND is knocking them for six in Birmingham, with a glorious cast, before they head out into the country. Meanwhile GEORGE'S MARVELLOUS MEDICINE returned for another outing and will be back early next year.

And all of this run by five people in the BSC office, who have somehow managed to cope with changing positions and new additions as the year has progressed.

Meanwhile the Arts Council set about its grand new vision of withdrawing its entire funding from two hundred theatre companies (one can only marvel at their expertise and foresight!) and the BSC thanked its lucky stars that it could produce all of the above without requiring their support.

Sincere best wishes to everyone who has been involved in BSC shows this year: it has been twelve months of remarkable achievement and it demanded and received hard work, inspiration and dedication by everyone involved. It couldn't really have turned out much better.


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