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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


A gentle journey into cinematic bliss!

Friday, May 23, 2008


DANNY THE CHAMPION OF THE WORLD is just four weeks away from the end of its two year tour. The current cast have been performing since last September, so it is wonderful to receive this email from the most recent venue it has visited:

Just wanted to say I took my two boys to see DANNY on Sunday and it is without doubt one of the best pieces of children’s theatre I have ever seen. The acting was superb, everything worked so well - it really was fantastic.

Congrats again for a superb job from the DANNY cast.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The plan for 2008

I've always fancied my chances on The Apprentice, but I am beginning to wonder! This year was supposed to be 'the quiet year' - a chance to re-group after a very busy 2007, which included PROOF in the West End and OTHELLO in Birmingham/London.

So I have been somewhat shocked to work out that this year we are staging NINE productions, making it in fact the busiest year in our history. We are working on two major productions for adults in 2009 but this year it's all for children and their families:


It means we're working with some wonderful writers: Roald Dahl, David Wood, Terry Deary, Robert Louis Stevenson, Stuart Paterson, David Almond, David McKee, Phil Clark, Michael Morpurgo and Rudyard Kipling. Even more exciting that seven of these ten writers are alive and well!

I suppose we should be delighted about all this, but given the original plan, I don't think Sir Alan would be impressed!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Olivier and Hoffman

There's a famous story about Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman filming MARATHON MAN which has become mythic. But often retold incorrectly, as in the Sunday Telegraph today. "Why don't you just act dear boy" was the put-down Olivier was supposed to have given Hoffman, fueling a debate between two different approaches to acting. When I interviewed Hoffman at The Playhouse Theatre to raise money for the fledgling BSC, he told us the real story.

A scene in the movie supposedly happens after Hoffman's character has been awake for three days without sleep. So Hoffman, who was curious, decided to keep awake for three days before filming the scene to see what it felt like. (He said two days was just about OK but by the third day he began to hallucinate). When Olivier arrived on set, he came across a very dishevelled actor. "My poor boy, what on earth has happened to you?" he asked the crumpled Hoffman. "I've stayed awake for three days to film this scene" Hoffman replied. "My dear chum" said a concerned Olivier, and with a strong affection for the young star "why don't you just act, dear boy, it's a lot easier". Soon after Hoffman told this story himself to a journalist as a dig at his own acting mania, but it was reported as a snide retort from the English actor. Hoffman has always regretted this interpretation.

Whatever approach they used, they're both pretty sensational in the film!


Those of you experienced at auditions need read no further. Those are are new to the game, this may be helpful:

If you are coming to meet us for an audition this week, it's worth knowing we hold auditions in the old-fashioned way. The first auditions are quite brief and in most cases we like to see a prepared speech (sometimes two if the first doesn't give us enough to work with) and sometimes you will be asked to read a section of the script. We tend not to do too much talking at this stage, unless we've reached that stage in the day when we need a break from speeches! But however brief it may seem, it's your audition, so take your time and don't be rushed.

Don't be afraid to ask any questions. And have a look at my blog entry about preparation a bit further down.

Remember, the people you are about to meet need to cast their show. They are very hopeful that you will solve their problem. They want you to succeed!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Feedback please!

It would be great to receive feedback about this website if you have time to spare a moment to comment. How easy is it to use, how useful, anything missing, anything needed?

All comments welcome!

Monday, May 05, 2008

In Bruges

Well worth seeing. Even though it features Ralph Fiennes. Colin Farrell and Brendan Leeson giving two very enjoyable performances.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


A nice email from a happy visitor! Well done DANNY cast again!

"I just wanted to say that we came to see your production of Danny Champion of the World in Norwich a few months ago and it was the best thing any of us have ever seen at the theatre (and us grown-ups have been to the theatre lots of times!) We all loved every minute of it; the set, the music, the story, the audience participation… It was wonderful. So much so that we’re going to come and see Treasure Island in a few weeks. We hope it’s not too scary! Please extend our thanks to your talented company and keep bringing fantastic children’s theatre to Norwich!"