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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The team

The BSC is blessed at the moment with four companies whose commitment to their productions belies the oft told adage that showbiz is rife with cynicism. I've seen all four shows in the last month and the companies' commitment to their productions, from the actors, stage management, wardrobe, sound operators - everyone involved in the show - has been palpable. This has been rewarded with wonderful reactions from the public and theatre professionals alike.

You know it when you see it - and it's magic to behold.


At 12:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neal it has been an absolute pleasure working with such a talented, dedicated and down right lovely bunch of people on Danny for the past 10 months. A brilliant show that we were all so proud of and very sad to leave on Saturday. Thank you for having me and for all the fantastic memories. love Tasha x x

At 2:49 PM, Blogger Neal Foster said...

You've been a top team! And a top player! Saturday must have been a tough one!

Big congrats


At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad u are in top neal.waiting a sign ...i m a theater director now....he he he surprise...ur friend luminita


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