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Friday, October 03, 2008


Interesting article about the BSC's forthcoming production of SKELLIG on the Birmingham Post's online site, which goes on to say:

"The production is yet another example of the special touch BSC brings to children's shows. I always find it odd that the company seems to be lauded far more outside Brum for the excellence of its work - Skellig transfers to London in November - and the words 'prophet' and 'own country' spring to mind".

For sixteen years I've been the only person from Birmingham running a major theatre company in Birmingham - yet we've always been taken more seriously outside of Brum than in it! I take heart that Sir Barry Jackson had exactly the same problem when he created the Birmingham Rep in 1913! Birmingham suffers from an inverse snobbery - that no-one from Birmingham could be as fine as someone from outside the city. Being the second biggest city is our greatest curse - constantly suffering the unspoken notion that we're second best. When, I wonder, will it change.

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