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Friday, January 15, 2010


What a wonderful audience we had this afternoon.

I had to record the voice of The Intelligent Machine for Horrible Science this morning, so I have rarely been so tired before a stage show. So I decided to relax into the tiredness in Act 2 and enjoyed one of those miracles of theatre: the one scene which I have never properly understood suddenly became clear to me. It's a scene that has always been difficult and has always evaded me. David Almond, the writer, has just revealed to me it was the last scene he wrote for the play when it was first performed and it was inserted once rehearsals were underway. And now, after touring for five months, I finally understand it. And boy, it's wonderful!

Several other lines have also taken on new meanings this last week, which I always think is a sign of a great play. We've been performing the show twice a day since September and it has evolved and deepened every week of the tour.

Thank you David Almond. What a tremendous treat it's been - and continues to be.


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