BSC Address

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We received a wonderful application for actor/musicians in THE FIREWORK-MAKER'S DAUGHTER. I've decided it needs to be shared - I hope you will agree.

"Dear Neal

I have seen your ad in PCR for The Firework-Maker's Daughter. At first I thought it was not for me, as Birmingham is a bit out of my way, the London address has inspired me to offer my talents, especially as I have recently attended an audition in Regent Street, so should have no trouble getting to the audition.

I therefore enclose a copy of my CV. I have appeared in a number of stage productions, including pantomimes and operas and learned to play the triangle at school. I have two puppets, called Astrid and Arachnae and would like to audition with them. I also have admin skills and a certificate in manual handling which may be of use when helping to move scenery.

I look forward to receiving your reply"

It has to be said, they don't come much better!


I am enjoying the most marvellous treat at the moment in the hands of Terry Coleman's biography of Olivier. It is quite the most fantastic book. And one of the things I'm struck by is just how hard Olivier worked throughout his life: it is quite phenomenal. Regular 15/16 hour days. Acting, producing, managing, filming - and a whirlwind social life, especially when married to Vivien Leigh.

There must be people working that hard today, devoting their entire lives to the pursuit of their goals and clocking up enormous achievements, but it is still a shock to read the intensity with which he lived his life.

It's also astonishing just how much acting one man could squeeze into a lifetime. The career of the average actor today doesn't even begin to touch the sides of what Olivier undertook.

And yet as I read I am constantly comparing him to Paul Scofield, whose whole way of being seemed completely at odds with Olivier's pace of life. I wonder if two people could have been more different in their approach to life and work and yet in their own ways achieving so much.

It is giving me a lot to think about - and I highly recommend the read.