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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Bureaucrats around the world - you have a new leader!

Philip Colechin, Senior Customer Services Officer of Gospel Oak District Housing Office, has successfully transformed himself from a human being into The Man Who Knows The Rules. So even though a 99 year old woman needed help, Philip reminded me (at length) of the Rules and thank goodness - otherwise I might have gone through life putting other people first. And what a fool I would have felt!

Thank you Philip. Your adherence to The Rules has saved me from a life of compassion and kindness. Thank goodness we have people like you putting The Rules first, whatever the circumstances. (If you fancy knowing the circumstances, I've posted them in Comment.)

Do the right thing? What tosh. Follow The Rules!

Through Philip's example I now understand how we got ourselves into the state where policeman stand on the side of rivers watching people drown because they're following The Rules. Where fireman have to read a four page dossier before they can sit down on a chair. Where apparatchiks like Philip happily disregard humanity in slavish adherence to The Rules.

What mad genius created these Rules? Why as a society do we accept them?

No doubt Camden will give Philip Colechin a bonus. The bureacrats have certainly won the battle. Is there anything we can do to prevent them winning the war?


At 10:50 PM, Blogger Neal Foster said...

Dear Sir/Madam

I am an unpaid volunteer for Age Concern. I visit Rosemary Zierer, who is 99 years old, at 41 Beaumont Walk, Chalk Farm for an hour each week as part of Age Concern’s Good Neighbour scheme. I have been visiting for two and a half years.

Today I parked in Rosemary Zierer’s allocated space No.15 at 9.45am and went to get the parking permit from Rosemary. Unfortunately she was feeling unwell and could not remember where she had put the permit. She asked me to wait until her Council carer arrived back from shopping for Rosemary. Once he carer returned we found the permit and I went down to put it on the car. I discovered that during this time I had been clamped. I phoned your office and was told that despite the circumstances I could not be unclamped without paying the charge first and should write to you.

I have never had problems with using the permit since I started visiting in 2008 – I often park in the Visitors area but both spaces were full on this occasion – and I am writing to ask given that I was unable to get the permit for the car on arrival but unable to leave Rosemary alone until her carer returned that I can be refunded the parking charge of £95. In the circumstances I could not avoid leaving my car for a time without the permit, which I had expected to be able to put on my car immediately on arrival as I always have done.

During the time I was parked in Bay 15 I was not blocking anyone or preventing anyone else from parking, as Bay 15 is reserved solely for Rosemary Zierer’s visitors and I was the only one using a car this morning.

I have attached a letter from Age Concern regarding my visits on their behalf.


Phil's fantastic reply:

Camden housing estates are prviate land where parking is restricted to authorised vehicles only, egs those displaying valid authorisation to park. The clear display of egs estate parking permits or blue badges is the means by which parking on estates is controlled and any vehicle failing to display a permit which is valid for the vehicle is at risk of clamping. Consequently, while I have sympathy with your circumstances, I regret I am unable to authorise a refund of the penalty.

At 11:47 AM, Blogger Neal Foster said...

And then Phil's boss rode to the rescue and a refund was delivered!

So there is at least one sane man in Phil's department - and fortunately he's the boss!

At 10:26 AM, Blogger Jaxon Oakley said...

Bureaucrats have been enjoying all the stints and measures for the fulfillment of the goals for the powerful tools in state. Yes, the position of the bureaucrat has been critical and coward for the attainment of the goals and efforts for the public in social works.


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