BSC Address

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Interesting! I wondered if working with people who are colleagues rather than employees would be different, but it isn't. Which is making me reflect on both experiences with a smile. It's a great group of people here in Coventry in every department which has made the fist day of tech for ONE NIGHT IN NOVEMBER actually enjoyable! (I know, an enjoyable tech?!). It's great to be out of the rehearsal room and onto a beautiful set for the show. Everyone had their hair cut 40's style today and they look fabulous!

I watched some of rehearsals from the circle and it looks excellent from above. The first preview has completely sold out, so we're set for a run of packed houses. In these days of austerity, it's wonderful to know you'll be walking out to a full house, which always promises a particularly special atmosphere. Coventry, this is one hot ticket!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The cast, creative and stage management team behind THE FIREWORK-MAKER'S DAUGHTER have pulled off a terrific coup with a fantastic production of Philip Pullman's wonderful story.

Mr Pullman has said "I couldn’t be more pleased with the way the company is telling this story, and everyone concerned deserves an enormous success. This is one of the best productions of my work I've ever seen."

BSC can proudly boast of three amazing shows now touring the UK - GEORGE, SCIENCE and FIRE. Well done all on an extraordinary achievement!


Saw the premiere last night of a wonderful new film THE FIRST GRADER, the true story of an 84 year old man who goes to school to learn to read in Kenya.

It's not often you see films these days that dispense with car chases, aliens and gadgets to concentrate on a human story, beautifully played by Naomie Harris and Oliver Litondo. Distribution has been secured in the States and the producers are now waiting for a decision from Britain. Let's hope they get it!


The BSC sometimes seems strangely connected to world events.

Back on 11 September 2001 we were finalising the set for JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH, which ends in New York.

Our designer had created three profiles to create the backdrop of the city and half way through the meeting we reluctantly decided to cut the World Trade Center. Fifteen minutes later the first plane hit....

Now we're producing THE FIREWORK-MAKER'S DAUGHTER in which the heroine Lila climbs the volcano Mount Merapi. Which exploded yesterday.....

I suppose we should be grateful our production of THE WOEFUL SECOND WORLD WAR passed off without incident....

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Of course the big difference between acting with your own company and working freelance is that on the first day you have no idea who you’re going to be working with. So could my first two jobs have been any better? Working on HUSTLE, my first time on set, was a dream. My scene was with Adrian Lester, Kelly Adams and Robert Vaughan – just the four of us – so no pressure then. And all three couldn’t been gentler or more welcoming. The entire team was unbelievably slick, without any sense of rush. And even lunch was good!

I’ve now just started at the Coventry Belgrade in ONE NIGHT IN NOVEMBER – and what a cast! It’s a great spread of ages and the read-through was tremendous. I feel very lucky indeed to be working with such great talent. It feels like it’s going to be a pretty sensational show if you’re interested in seeing it – and already looks set to become a complete sell-out.

As first jobs go, I’m feeling like a very lucky man.

And as a producer? The three companies of HORRIBLE SCIENCE, GEORGE and now THE FIREWORK-MAKER’S DAUGHTER are proving to be a dream. It’s extraordinarily fortunate that the BSC has landed itself with such a talented and committed group of companies. SCIENCE is now in London, GEORGE follows shortly and there’ll be FIREWORKS in Bromley before the month is out!