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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Interesting! I wondered if working with people who are colleagues rather than employees would be different, but it isn't. Which is making me reflect on both experiences with a smile. It's a great group of people here in Coventry in every department which has made the fist day of tech for ONE NIGHT IN NOVEMBER actually enjoyable! (I know, an enjoyable tech?!). It's great to be out of the rehearsal room and onto a beautiful set for the show. Everyone had their hair cut 40's style today and they look fabulous!

I watched some of rehearsals from the circle and it looks excellent from above. The first preview has completely sold out, so we're set for a run of packed houses. In these days of austerity, it's wonderful to know you'll be walking out to a full house, which always promises a particularly special atmosphere. Coventry, this is one hot ticket!


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